Daily little sketches /11/2021


Kabul Women Finsternis

. 2021 Aug. Kabul Women Finsternis IIMy Notes today Today my noting down what’s on my mind The cruel situation in Afganistan and Kabul My hart goes out specially, to all women who will be drawn into sinister times With no escape no outcome no future being the victims of these illiterate barbarians My projects … Continue reading Kabul Women Finsternis

Photo tableaux #I

(©) Riedstra (©)The camera for me is a tool that I use in the same way I use the tools in my studio, making my works on paper or any other artefact. I love all these different materials, because it gives me possibilities in opposite directions. Widening my horizon, being the enfant terrible, so to … Continue reading Photo tableaux #I

Peoples #1

In this series it is like playing on paper with straight and curving lines.Playing with space and the spaces between.Colors that for me are very important, they express what I try to communicate. Thus creating the little story that draws from within itself.In this way expressing the emotion that I want to communicate, intimacy and privacy.This, … Continue reading Peoples #1

‘The New Status Quo’ MMXX II

litho ink, gouache, pastel, acrylic, oi ink, ballpoint, pieces of plastic  ‘The New Status Quo’ | Project MMXX / IIMy projects are related to today's world, I merely try to record, through my projects (works on paper, photo- photo projects) disturbing events that have a lasting impact on society(©)Riedstra