Diptych Martha part II

2020 Diptych Martha part II
©) Project Smart Days triptych part I gouache, oi ink, acryl on fabriano paper 55 x 77 cm 2020

Project Smart Days 2020

In between all the confusion and madness that’s going on everywhere, political conflicts, global warming, populism and every day new crises as the world faces right now

In the never ending stream of (fake) news.
The continuing influence of social media and it’s consequences.

How as an artist to I respond to all this?

My anti dote is Art, retreating in the studio, trying to transform all these powerless feelings into the power of a new project, that somehow might reflect a difference in the chaotic times we live in.

Title: Diptych Martha refers to different personages that represents Martha. The servant & the lover.

The work is made on khadi paper, 100% cotton made of rags in India.
The technique is mixed media, really any kind of material that suits on this special paper.




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